Inexpensive and Practical Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation is a special time regardless of whether it is from grade school, high school or college. Giving gifts to honor the accomplishment is traditional but with the present harder economic times, the price of the gift to be given may need to be scaled back a bit. There are many useful items that a graduate can use even if they aren't super expensive.
Money is of course, one of the most useful items for any graduate. Even a twenty dollar bill tucked into a nice card will be appreciated. This also makes it easier for the person giving the gift because you don't have to worry that you will be giving what someone else has already bought. Cash is a gift that can be duplicated by other gift givers with no ill effects.

For a more personal graduation gift there are several options. One is an inexpensive prepaid cell phone. Even if the graduate already has a cell phone, there may be times when they've forgotten it, misplaced it or it isn't getting a good signal. Prepaid cells are available for as little as $29. The phone minute cards can be purchased in a variety of amounts with some starting as low as ten dollars.

If the graduate will be entering college there are a few items that make excellent inexpensive gifts. Clothing gift cards are always appreciated and can be purchased for as little or as much as you would like to spend. Another great gift for a student that will be entering college is a briefcase. High school aged teens normally carry back packs but a new college student will probably prefer a more mature case to carry their papers in. High school graduates that are going to college will also appreciate any type of small appliances they can use in their dorm room such as a small coffee maker, a toaster, a blender or even household needs such as bedding or towels. Small furniture items such as a bedside table or small book shelf will come in handy also.

Inexpensive cameras and other small electronic items are popular to give as graduation gifts. Items such as a tape recorder that can be used during lessons in the classroom can help make homework easier. Even an inexpensive wrist watch is a great gift for a new college student. Many times the smallest and less expensive graduation gifts are the ones needed the most.

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